Proroctwa o Wielkim Monarsze (ang.)

St. Caesar of Arles: After great miseries and trial, a prince exiled in his youth shall recover the crown of lilies, He will assist a Holy Pope in reforming the entire world.

St. Bearcan: A great king renowned for his feats of arms will sail across the sea to Rome.

St. Odile: A great warrior assisted by God will defeat an unjust conqueror.

Leo the Philosopher: An imperial deliverer will save the kingdom and the people.

Monk Adso: A king ofthe Franks (Germany) will possess the Roman empire.

Monk Hilarion: The Great Eagle (monarch) will travel to Rome and help bring peace between the Pope and clergy.

St. Thomas a Becket: A knight from the West will conquer Rome towards the end ofthe world.

St. Hildegarde: Peace will return to Europę when the Great King takes the throne of France.

Old English: An Eagle (king) assisted by God shall come from the East. Universal peace shall reign in the world.

Chronicles of Madgeburg: An emperor name Charles will rule Europę and restore the decayed state of the Church.

Aystinger the German: A prince descended from the emperor Charles shall rule Europę and reform the Church.

Old Italian: There shall come a generał conversion to the faith of Chris  t under the Great Lion.

Old Latin: A great French king will reign who will restore laws and religion.

Abbot Joachim: The King of France will lend assistance to a remarkably holy pastor who will unitę the East and West and crush all heresy and schism.

Werdin Otrante: The Great Monarch will come to restore peace and the Pope will share in the victory.

Prophecy of Orval: Predicts a holy pope and a Capetian king of France who will assist him.

Abbot Herman of Lehnin: The people recover their king and the pope recovers his flock.

John of the Cleft Rock: The Great Monarch will defeat the Mohammedans and God will raise up a holy pope.

St. Bridget of Sweden: The Great Eagle will subdue the Mohammedans and people will return to the Church.

St. Catherine of Siena: Predicts the restoration of the Church.

St. Vincent Ferrar: When the Eagle (Great Monarch) shall capture the counterfeit king there will be a new reformation in the world.

Fr. Jerome Votin: Heavenly dew shall fali upon the desolated earth and the Church afflicted. A son of royal blood shall govern France and the spirit of God shall be with him.

St. John Capistran: Says a German emperor shall restore the Apostolic discipline. A great pope shall restore the Church following the death of Antichrist.

St. Francis de Paul: A great leader of the holy militia wearing crosses on their breasts will kill all of God’s enemies and extirpate all heresies. There shall be one flock and one shepherd.

Bd. Johannes Amadeus: Germany and Spain will unitę under a great prince designated by God. Mass conversions will take place and peace and prosperity will follow.

Nostradamus: Says the Great Monarch will reign who will return the Church to her old supremacy at about the same time a new pope is elected.

David Porseus: A great Monarch will crush the enemies of the pope and conquer the East.

Ven. Holzhauser: There will arise a valiant monarch anointed by God who will rule supreme in temporal matters while the pope rules supreme in spiritual matters. After a time of great upheaval and irreligion, all nations will adore God according to Catholic teaching.

Rudolph Gekner: A great prince ofthe North will valiantly defend the Church of Christ and subdue the Muslims. A holy pope will reign at this time.

Dionysius of Luxembourg: From the midst of His Church, God will raise up a great ruler who will lead erring souls back to the true faith.

Monk of Werl: A strong European monarch will restore divine order to the Church, state and family.

Fr. Laurence Ricci, S.J.: A great German duke (Great Monarch) will intervene by the aid of God at a time the world seems doomed. He will help the pope restore religion and there will be one flock, one shepherd.

Capuchin Friar: A great monarch and a holy pope will reform abuses and destroy all heresies.

Sister Mariannę: The prince will reign whom people did not esteem before and there will be an unprecedented triumph of religion.

Josefa von Bourg: Under a great monarch descended from St. Louis, the faith will spread as never before.

Abbe Souffrand: The Great Ruler will perform great and noble deeds and these will convert unbelievers.

Anne Catherine Emmerich: Her vision “of the holy emperor Henry” may refer to a past holy monarch, or may indicate that the Great Monarch descends from a previous German monarch.

Bd. Anna Maria Taigi: A new pope chosen through the intercession of Sts. Peter and Paul will convert the world to Catholicism and this pope shall nominate a Christian King for the country of France.

Bro. Louis Rocco: A great Catholic monarch shall arise after many wars and persecutions in Europę.

Sr. Rose Adsenti of Taggia: A King will be restored to the throne of France.

Joseph Goires: The people will be united under a powerful monarch who will make new laws and banish corruption.

Cure of Ars: The good shall triumph when the return ofthe king is announced. Religion shall flourish as never before.

Ven. Madeline Porzat: Our Lady will perform a great miracle and men will convert. A powerful ruler will destroy the wicked and a holy pope will reign.

St. John Bosco: A great warrior will come from the north and meet the pope. Our Lady will appear. A true pope returns to Rome and the Church triumphs.

Ossoliński Library Prophecy: Seems to suggest that America will assist in bringing the Great Monarch to power.


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